Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recipes To Heal Yourself - Raw Healing Aids

Recipes To Heal Yourself - Raw Healing Aids

below is what I try to do in order to combat the cold/flu/stress or just give my body a boost

Green Soup

1 or 2 Avocado
3 Cups of Cucumber Celery Juice
2 Tablespoons of Minced Ginger
2 Garlic Crushed
1 Teaspoon of cayenne Pepper
3/4 Jalopeno Pepper
1 TableSpoon of Flax Oil
1 Tablespoon of Hemp Oil
1 Tablespoon of Pro-biotic Powder
extra if you have it or want it
1-2 tablespoons of vitamineral green or spirulina
1/4 cup of soaked seaweed

First make the 2 cups of Juice with a juicer use ONLY organic veggies if possible
Then mix everything in a blender or food processor blend on high till it becomes a soup
you can also add more oil, cumin, olive oil, tomato, red peppers, etc to taste
I often add more garlic and cayenne pepper cause I like it spicy... This soup is excellent
at healing and also alkalinizing the body and its yummy too and easy to make
feel free to alter or substitute if needed to your taste buds

Coconut Curry Soup

1 Young coconut using everything in it ( if you want to get advanced make it into coconit kefir first)
1/8 of a cup of flax oil
1/8 of a cup of hemp or olive oil
1 jalapeno pepper
1 avocado
1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
1 1/2 teaspoon of indian curry pepper
1 tomato
1/2 cucumber
2 garlic heads crushed ( I use 3 but it depends on your garlic tolerance)
2 tablespoons of minced ginger

Put everything in a blender add more or less spices depending on your taste use all organic if possible
Blend on high till it becomes a yummy looking soup then enjoy, if you are on a diet use half an avocado and a whole cucumber :)

Ginger Brew

I drink this almost everynight and more so in the cold and flu season or when under lots of stress

Ginger use between 3 tablespoons and 1/8 of a cup for 2--5 cups use more depending on how spicy
you want it or how much you are making
Lemon 1-3 depending on how much you are making
Mint Leaves use between on teaspoon and one tablespoon depending on how large a batch
Cayenne use between one teaspoon and one tablespoon depending on how large of a batch

Cut up or grate or mince the ginger and put it in a pot with purified water ( the best water you can get )
heat with low eat for awhile 20-30 min or more.. keep an eye on it and taste it when its spicy chances are it is done...

Then add fresh squeezed lemon juice, the mint leaves, and the cayenne pepper
then sweeten to taste.. I advise using Stevia if you are sick and have a sore throat use a little raw honey
but in general stevia is the best sweetener heath-wise available on the market now. Raw honey though is useful when sick with a sore throat it helps the pain go away and it heal faster.

I did the above for one day with the addition of

Green Juice

and a green apple

( juice to taste)

and the following herbs and food based supplements

E3 live
Camu Camu
Sangre de Drago (
Sumacazon (
Illumination (
Lunazon (

My sore throat is gone today.. so that was quick...

more soon

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Introduction - Part One

I am going to start this with a story, I grew up in Georgia the land of deep friend chicken biscuits and french fries. As a child I ate pretty healthy lots of apples and whole foods we had a garden my mother made all our food at home. I wasn't a vegan some was organic but it wasn't junk food, then my Grandmother got cancer and my mother had four children and a dying mother so more fast food showed up for a bit, frozen pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, sliced meat and cheese and bread. Never white bread, always wheat, but the diet declined a bit justifiably so after my grandmother my great aunt moved in and shortly after she was told she had brain cancer she had been sick for sometime but the doctors didn't realize it and one night she was acting crazy and I said, there is something in her head take her back to the doctor she had a tumor she died rapidly. I watched them both die smoking and eating junk food on the way out, I watch hair fall out and them lose there energy till they didn't wake up anymore.
I was traumatized and felt like there was something wrong, how do you miss a brain tumor? why do you get cancer? why do we lose our energy? why do we grow old? why are we sick?
These things have burned in my heart and soul my whole life and have driven me to try to unravel that why and find the reason, of course we will all die, but I want to live and die well. I hit my teens and all of the sudden everything seemed to go wrong, I gained weight, got lots of zits, had mood swings, depression, and overall felt like I was half alive. It didn't make sense as a kid I had all this energy never was fat never had weight issues so what happened it had to be more then puberty. I wanted to grow up and be a singer and a model and I knew I had to figure out Why I was falling apart inside out. I started on this journey then seeking to find out why I was fat, why I felt bad, and what was causing it for I believe if we have a symptom covering it up is not going to help it, if I am depressed I want to know why, if I am fat I want to know why, if my skin looks like a war zone I want to know why.
I was a smart kid and being home-schooled allowed me ample time to research health, diet, healing and so I started fifteen years or so ago, I am a skeptic always have been one I won't can't believe it till I try it and it either works or fails. I am scientific and esoteric when it comes to healing and health I firmly believe in both the scientific approach as well as the esoteric and using them together. I read everything in every magazine every book I could get my hands on and I tried diet after diet after diet, I tried them all and eventually will go into my experience with all of them but will save that for later. I would often see results for a week or so, but it wouldn't last, I would gain weight, I would break out, I would feel fatigued depressed and moody. At 15 I started to model with agencies and of course as they always do I was told to lose five pounds and I wanted to model and sing and get out of my small town so I made a vow to do whatever it took.
All of the sudden being beautiful and thin was more important then being healthy, and what I did was the worst thing you can ever do, I starved, I was bulimic, I used drugs, pills, things to make my hunger go away, I ran for an hour a day, I was obsessive and completely unhealthy. I would eat but sometimes I felt I ate too much so I would either run for hours or go visit the gods in the bathroom either way I was completely messing up my body and I was skinny but my head my face and I was a mess. I ran away from home at 17 and was on my own, I was modeling and promoting to eat so I went to castings during the day or did shoots then was out all night in the scene. By the time I was 17 I was on my own my own home, car, and was out every night, but I was lonely scared and insecure and so I used drugs as a way to escape, to connect, to expand. At a photoshoot I was drugged and raped along with another model, this spent me spinning deeper into the dark, I couldn't talk about it, I was afraid to talk about it and so I buried it with the help of even more drugs and drinking. I was smart and continued to model and work even while under the influence of heavy drugs in mass amounts. I was burning the candle at both ends and was bent on destruction. I had more then a few traumas and was a kid in a adult world with adult toys.
It got really bad, so bad my best friend stopped talking to me, then I isolated and realized all my friends at the clubs in the industry didn't seem to care or miss me, then I felt I was even more alone. I escaped into the rave scene, left the fashion one, spent all night on LSD and E, along with whatever else I could get which was anything. I stayed up for days, not eating, partying, drinking, life became fragmented blurred but yet I was still alive. Then I wanted out and so I started doing drugs attempting to snap the wire, I took so many drugs Heroin, LSD, Ghb, K, Coke, etc and one night I made my deadly mixture, more then two dozen hits of E, GHB, K, and Heroin and I took it all, at once.
There is a drug called DMT it is the chemical released in your brain when your born, die and or have near death experiences. Now I understand what happened, I was one a crazy trip and then all of the sudden the walls melted reality shifted and then I was gone. I remember leaving and coming back and the inbetween was like a waiting room, I was only given one message... " you're not done yet" I woke up two days later I am alive because one of my friends came to see me and found me not breathing, not moving, well you know dead. He was an ER and was able to get my heart beating and me breathing, but then I was in a coma for two days. I was underage and no one wanted to explain anything so no one took me to the hospital. When I opened my eyes I didn't know who I was or where I was I couldn't feel my body then I felt something pierce the top of my head and energy came back like something was breathing life back into me. It took awhile to remember me, but it eventually came back, I knew I wasn't going to die and the experience was enough to change my perspective on reality on life on death on everything.
Afterwards I had trouble I had taken accutane which it says do not take with drugs or alcohol I had ignored it I woke up one day soon after covered in bruises even though I had cut my drugs and drinking back, I went home and asked my mother to take me to the doctor I was afraid. They told me my liver was severely damaged and that it could heal but it would take time and I had to stop. So I moved deleted my number and went back to focusing on music and modeling at this time I was 18 I could leave for New York so I set a new goal. Move to New York, I knew going there would require me to be alive and kicking so I returned to focusing on trying to be healthy and heal myself, even if my death wish wasn't gone yet completely I decided if I am going to be here I may as well make the use of it.
I read tons of books, started using herbs to help with my brain and body to help it recover from what I did to it, I didn't have health insurance and I was alone and so I became my own doctor which is the best thing you can ever do. I started working with my energy, meditation, herbs, and food as medicine. I became a vegetarian first mainly because once I was rewired I discovered I was just super sensitive and many of my walls came from living in a way which was not natural for me.
When in Miami working with an agency someone gave me the book "Fit For Life", which opened my eyes even more and I started following it and found myself feeling much better and healthier. Then in Milan I remained a vegan I lived off fruit veggies and spirutien and tofu, I was the typical new vegan lots and lots of soy and tofu in Milan I got really skinny mainly because all of the sudden I was healthy and I walked all day everyday and the food is so much better in europe. Then when I returned I started noticing these people who looked amazing and were old and I started asking and found out they were raw foodist so then I started studying and became a raw foodist.
I did that for years sometimes I would alter my diet slightly because someone said I should so I would try it always returning to being a raw food vegan because it made me feel good. I started working with food, herbs, and plants to heal my mind body and soul, as well as meditation, yoga, earth, air and movement. I have healed my mind, my liver is as good as new, I am never fat but stay at a healthy weight, my skin is flawless, I have tons of energy, lots of creativity, a healthy sex drive, and now am working on fine tuning the details. I have helped others over the years and although raw food works amazing for me I am not religious about it, if I am in third world country where its hard to get raw food I may eat slightly steamed veggies, I eat miso soup ( not cooked but warm ) etc I eat warm food, but its still raw in otherwords its not dead its still alive.
Maybe I should call myself a living foodist, I try to eat food which is as fresh, pure, organic, free of chemicals, unprocessed etc, I use herbs in liquid or dry form, I use all natural products on my hair, skin and home and moving towards wearing and sleeping in all natural fabrics. Many people say being raw is not natural, the problem is our world is no longer natural and one of the reasons so many of us are sick, fat, depressed, don't feel good and have bad skin is because the world is not natural, what we eat is not natural, we breathe in toxins, we drink toxins, we think toxic, and then if we wear and eat toxins eventually your body will breakdown like mine did. My body breakdown because it couldn't handle it and what happened to me was extreme fast and hard but it no different then what happens to many of us over years. We keep filling ourselves with toxins, jet fuel, chemicals, hormones, prescriptions, and eventually our bodies can't take it and we breakdown on a cellular level, we get cancer, we get sick, we get fat, obese, diseased, diabetes.
I don't want to live like that and so I have spent lots and lots of time trying to figure out how to counteract the side effects of living in a completely world we have been trashing for a long time forgetting the worlds water is our drinking water the worlds earth is where we get our food and the worlds lungs are ours. So next time your going to flush the toilet full of chemicals, next time your going to use chemicals to clean the kitchen remember your going to drink that because our government doesn't have the time or money or capacity to remove everything from our water so what we put out we are taking back into our bodies. We all have a choice we can fight for our lives and live well and help heal ourselves each other and through that the world or we can just try to cover up the symptoms and put Band-Aids on our wounds which can't heal unless we give them what they need to heal.
We were not made to run of waste, chemicals, pollution, drugs, chemicals, dyes, sugar and fat, even if your not going vegan, animals 2,000 years ago were eating grass from soil which still had minerals in it, not locked in a cage pumped full of hormones feed soy from china and then slaughtered. In order to heal and recover we must start with understanding what's going on, for many of us never even read a label much less go to a farmers market and ask the farmers questions. We just shove it in our mouths and then when we are 40-50 and breaking down we wonder why and what went wrong. Our bodies and the plant have alot in common and in order to understand one we must understand the other. Nature has a perfect balance, and when we are in balance with nature we will be balanced but we have forgotten about nature, about balance, about ourselves and have become digital icons with our digital lives in our virtual world. Most of us spend most of our free time on a box looking at boxes and so I hope I can reach you through this box for the box has a purpose just don't let it eat you alive.
I am the healthiest person I know, I wasn't before, and I am still learning and growing, but I want to share what I have learned I have to for I don't believe we have to let it all breakdown, and I believe deep inside we all want to be happy, at peace, and live on a planet without mass killing, starvation, war and sadness. I feel if we want to see a better world we must start making the changes each day with every choice.
I feel guilty now when I use a cup, when I can't recycle something, when I forget my cloth bags, when I am not eating local, but thats a good thing, its good to be aware of how we are helping or healing ourselves and our world.
I am going to share what I learned and what I am learning that is all I can do, and I hope today you will think about two things, the first is your connection between you and your own body, its easy to be disconnected from our bodies and not to be in tune with it bodies talk you just have to listen. Illness usually comes from not listening to what our bodies need. Become your own doctor, your own healer, and then as you heal yourself you will be able to extend that outward into the world into your loved ones into your dreams. Seek the truth, not the advertisers, they will lie to you to sell things, know your sources, know whats inside what your cleaning, eating, and putting on your body. Investing in your body and your health is the wisest investment you could make these days.
Next time I write I will write about transitions how to get started transitioning, or shifting, how to get your life back. Its yours for the taking, and if I can heal myself well there is hope for us all because I was beyond broken and gone.
This isn't just about being raw its about living and being alive, its about living the best life possible, its about being aware . I have always had a fascination with healing and even considered being a doctor when I was younger, now I would say I can relate more to a medicine man or witch doctor or the others that you hear tales of who recommend one part this plant with one part sunshine. For I believe now all of our cures can be found in nature its just a matter or looking and using them.